Cancun Holidays

Congratulations on your decision to spend your holiday in wonderful Cancun!

You are going to have a great vacation, in a place that most people just dream of it.

Cancun vacations are very popular in the summer time and during the holidays. Also the spring breaks are a common attraction among students who want to have a lot of fun in the sunny Mexico. In the same time, families can enjoy relaxing Cancun holidays at one of many All Inclusive resorts that are located on the beach.

Cancun, a recreation space for families, newly-weds on their honeymoon, spring breakers and simply for everybody else, was obviously a accomplishment from the start. It has developed to become among the most preferred holiday attractions worldwide, with a “Hotel Zone” of magnificent properties in front of a superb stretch of seashores.

This is the spot to – based upon on your own pleasures – go swimming, go shopping, dine or party. But most importantly, this is a destination of chill and de-stress. Cancun it is not colonial Mexico, steeped over time and history; here styled shopping buildings and crazy nightlife often eclipse tradition and culture. Wake up early, take a delicious morning meal of huevos motulenos and then enjoy that irresistible mix of sun, white sand as well as unbelievable turquoise sea. We promise you will have the best time in your Cancun holidays.

Basic informations about Cancun holidays

Cancun’s greatest interest, apart from all year hot weather, is definitely the beach – and even better, you’re only several steps far from it. This contrast of white sand and deeply turquoise sea is actually an irresistible blend. Include a nearly constant breeze and also the calming sound of breaking surf and you’ve got the perfect formula for putting away the worries as well as the nine to five routine generally.

Cancun holidays fun on the beach

Among the great aspects of Cancun holidays is the fact that regardless of present Americanization and fast-food restaurant chains you may still delight in Yucatecan cookery. If you happen to be in the disposition to try out these foods as pollo pibil or papadzules, pay a visit to downtown Ciudad Cancun. Unpretentious places to eat like Los Almendros or Restaurant El Calamar are wonderful locations to test local cuisine. While spring breakers can easily confirm, the nightlife in Cancun is wild – and it continues all year long.

Find out tips and tricks and basic Cancun holidays informations.

The best hotels and resorts for Cancun holidays

Cancun holiday hotels

(visit the interactive Cancun hotel map, based on Google Maps)

Cancun’s Hotel Zone is filled with impressive resorts, and even if you are staying at one of them it’s worth looking at a few of the others – if only as exploration for your upcoming holidays. Hotel hopping is exciting and totally free, and also you do not even must have a vehicle; getting from one asset to another one is simple by taking one of many local town buses (numbered R-1 on the window) that travel along Boulevard Kukulcan. They have regular stops and operate until midnight, and the fixed cost is just 7.5 pesos (about 60 cents) – significantly less expensive than a taxi cab.
Island resorts are placed across the shore like dominoes; the majority of them provide nice and clean, modern services. If you want the Cancun holidays to be special, you should know that luxury reigns inside the recently constructed hotels, most of which are filled in a sea of marble and glass. Nevertheless, some hotels, even though they are exclusive, embrace a more comfy attitude.

Cancun hotel map

The sea is placid around the higher end of the isle in front of Bahia de Mujeres (Bay of the Women), although beaches lining the longer area from the island in front of the Caribbean are subject to agitated sea and crashing waves on breezy days and nights. Remember that the further south you are going on the isle, the more it requires (20-30 minutes in traffic) to return to the "action places" that are mostly situated between the Plaza Flamingo and Punta Cancun on the isle – near to the place that links both areas of the "7" – and along Avenida Tulum on the mainland.

If money is no object, Cancun and also the southerly shoreline of the Yucatan haven’t any lack of areas to park yourself in style. You can find a string of fantastic high end hotels in Cancun’s hotel zone, having a wide array of luxury resorts while you go across the Yucatan’s Riviera Maya. As an additional advantage, almost all of the Yucatan’s resorts have lately included brand-new spas that increase the art of relaxation and pampering to a higher quality. What might be greater than a massage on the beach? (Perhaps a massage on the beach with a margarita?)

We present you few of our favorite luxury resorts for Cancun holidays:

cancun holidays at ritz carlton

The Ritz-Carlton Cancun:
Maybe it’s understandable that Ritz – Carlton operates among the very best hotels in Cancun, but what you may perhaps not know is the fact that it is regarded one of the most excellent hotels in Mexico, and the only beachfront hotel on the globe to be granted three AAA Five-Diamond ratings. Beginning with the luxurious design and unequalled service to the award-winning dining locations, a Ritz is a Ritz; do we have to say much more?

cancun holidays at le blanc spa resort

Le Blanc Spa Resort:
This adults-only all-inclusive resort has by far the most exclusive spa experiences in Cancun. The resort’s simple geometric lines as well as a bright color scheme mix easily into the shore and provide an even more modern approach to comfort. Besides the 2,695 sq. m of unlimited spoiling at the spa, tourists can take advantage of an exceptional variety of restaurants, a relaxed landscape surrounding the infinity pool, and live music every night, making the perfect get away for family and friends looking for a low-key holiday or perhaps a romantic interlude for a couple.

cancun holidays at jw marriott cancun

JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa:
A move upward from its sibling resort nearby, JW may be the creme de la creme of the Marriott magnate business. Having its extravagante pools (as well as a unique scuba training pool), amazing balcony landscapes, high-end facilities, and practically unbreakable anti-hurricane building, this particular resort offers a magnificent get away that does not attempt to eclipse its major rival, the beach.

Cancun restaurants – the unforgettable delight of Cancun holidays

cancun holidays restaurants

As is appropriate for a large, famous holiday resort, Cancun features a variety of reliably fine hotel eating places – you will find several local places which are well-kept secrets. In case you happen to be the non-adventurous culinary kind you are going to discover a lot of choices within the Hotel Zone, from common fast food to expensive places with reliably regular menus. However, if you intend to leap into the unknown world of Yucatecan cuisine, you must go to Ciudad Cancun, also known as Downtown. Many of Mexico’s most exceptional recipes originate from the Yucatan area. Strong spices flavor meals like cochinita pibil, Sopa de lima, Antojitos can be found there.

cancun restaurants map

Downtown Cancun (a simple bus or taxi cruise from the Hotel Zone) contains a variety of restaurants focusing on local cuisine. The best option for first-timers of Cancun holidays is the restaurant Los Almendros. You can find on the menu any speciality of the Yucatecan classic cuisine, along with a color photo of every dish. This might help decide just what to order quicker. However, you actually won’t be able to go wrong with something such as poc chuc, pieces of pork marinated in the juice of bitter oranges, then slowcooked and served with pickled onions.

Seafood shows up on a wide variety of dishes. Among downtown’s preferred restaurants is La Habichuela, where you may eat on the exterior terrace inside a jungly backyard. This is usually a location to eat jumbo shrimp-deep fried with coconut, grilled and served with garlic butter or in a tequila sauce. The unique recipe is cocobichuela, shrimp and pieces of lobster inside a soft curry sauce with rice, garnished with exotic fruits and brought to you in a coconut shell. Along with presenting traditional food preparation, downtown restaurants in many cases are a more affordable alternative than a lot of locations from the Hotel Zone. Restaurant El Calamar is a basic cantina from where you can buy seafood or a variety of well-cooked Mexican standbys. In case you buy an entire fish, it will be shown to you at the table initially for examination. If you want an appetizer, get fresh made ceviche-fish marinated in lime juice and you won’t regret it. You should try it, when you’re on Cancun holidays!

Most of the Hotel Zone restaurants, in contrast, go a lot more in the direction of a first-class dining experience. Aioli, from the Le Meridien Cancun Resort & Spa, is among the finest places in the town to have an romantic evening meal. Dining tables with damask sheets and immense windows providing remarkable sights of the Caribbean set the exotic ambiance. The cooking is Mediterranean with French accents.

Best does not really mean most luxurious. While a few of them are elegant businesses, others are common spots to obtain good, traditional Yucatecan meals:

La Dolce Vita CancunLa Dolce Vita
One of the most special places for Cancun holidays dinners, La Dolce Vita continues to be unchanged even if now there are more tourists. Both the downtown place and more recent digs from the Hotel Zone keep attract people with such happy recipes as green tagliolini with lobster medallions or fresh salmon with cream sauce, all delivered (in the evening) in the company of the live jazz music.

lorenzillos cancun

Most widely known because of its tasty lobster pulled right out the tank and unequalled sunset sights across the lagoon. Lorenzillo’s menu presents the most significant types of seafood from the Yucatan.

No other eating place within the Yucatan explores the area’s cooking cultures and use of regional ingredients much more than this particular one. Their menu offers a number of nice things and is also a welcome relief from the typical choices of many Yucatecan dining establishments. It’s a must when in Cancun holidays, or even on business trips.

Numerous Cancun restaurants are available for lunch and dinner only, that makes finding morning meal outside your resort somewhat of a challenging option. Luckily there’s Vips, on Boulevard Kukulcan near the Cancun Center. Even though you will have breakfast, lunch and dinner here, the morning meal is their area of expertise.

(visit the interactive Cancun restaurants map, based on Google Maps)

The main reason of Cancun holidays: the Beaches

Cancun holidays beach

Hurricane Wilma ruined the breathtaking shorelines, but by mid-2006 they were renewed. The beaches across the Caribbean have been virtually replaced; sand was moved from the bottom level 20 miles offshore and put over locations where the hurricane had totally cleaned it away. The brand new beaches therefore are artificial, but that produces little impact on tourists. The white sand is smooth and fine grained, and also the sea – which is sufficiently warm for swimming and diving all year long – offers a beautiful counterpoint, its ever-shifting shades between green to turquoise.

The beaches on the upper end of the Hotel Zone, that front Mujeres Bay, are slim and also have tranquil, shallow water. The beaches across the Caribbean are larger and much more extraordinary, with unexpected crashing breakers and risky undertows. The perfect beaches are usually in front of the most important resorts. Most seashores in Mexico, nevertheless, are government owned and for that reason public, quite possibly places that look like they might be on hotel property.

Remember that you simply can’t use hotel services until you are a client, but even though, changing places and exterior showers are available for everybody. Be aware the flags placed to specify surf conditions. A green flag indicate safe conditions for swimming; yellow indicates caution; and red or black, unsafe conditions. The next selected public beaches are referred to in the order they show up along Cancun Island, starting on top of the island’s "seven" configuration after leaving the mainland:
Playa Linda, Playa Langosta, Playa Tortugas, Playa Caracol, Playa Chac – MoolPlaya Delfines.

Nightlife in Cancun

Cancun offers something for everybody at night, from noisy springbreak trips to Caribbean-style evening meal shows. The night clubs, as you can imagine, provide lots of high-decibel activity. Hotels as well get in the act with reception cafes, happy hour deals and diversified shows. A large number of clubs open up approximately at 10 p.m. and remain open till around 6 a.m. Cover expenses can start around $12 (U.S.), range in price up to $40 with an open bar, and might be waived on specific evenings; at a couple of locations ladies are often accepted totally free. Ask about clothing code; several will not accept jeans or shorts.

cancun nightlife the city

The City, at Km 9.5 on Kukulcan, invites traveling well-known DJs who spin pulsating party music along with mind-blowing light shows. Having nine pubs and lounges along with a beach club which has a wave pool, refreshments service, it is a 24 / 7 hangout throughout spring break; sometimes it starts about 10 p.m. and remains open up no less than 4 a.m.

cancun nightlife cocobongo

Coco Bongo, also at Km 9.5, facing The City, situated inside the Forum-by-the-Sea shopping center, attracts teenage scenesters with a combination of recorded techno, hip-hop, house, salsa and ’80s hits, along with live artists. There is no real dancing floor, so you can dance anywhere you can find a place. This kind of spacious area usually packs in up to 3,000 persons, having a lot of fun in their Cancun holidays.

cancun nightlife daddyo

Dady’O, at Km 9.5 on Kukulcan (close to the Cancun Center), is really a classic in terms of a long life but is even now extremely popular; such as the other nightclubs it is noisy and crazy, and also the sound and lights are outstanding.

Dady Rock Bar & Grill, across the street from Dady’O, has got both live artists and DJ music, karaoke tournaments, T-shirt presents, an open bar and a bistro.

A fairly much less active ambiance dominates at Glazz, from the La Isla Shopping Village complex. That lounge and dance club focuses on the over-30 group having DJ dance music, a large variety of martinis and diverse live shows.

La Madonna eating place, also located at La Isla Shopping Village, includes an European-style environment as well as a full martini bar.

In case you like a less noisy evening, the majority of the hotels possess a nightclub or reception bar with cafe-concert or some other live music; the reception lounge at The Ritz-Carlton, Cancun is especially classy.
For people who want to party there are lots of locations that mix food, music along with a great sense of fun. A couple of Mexican chains – Carlos ‘n Charlie’s, at Km 5.5, and Senor Frog’s, at Km 9.5 on Kukulcan – are usually loud and well-known, having waiters that are as wild as the clients. Cancun’s Hard Rock Cafe, within the Forum-by-the-Sea shopping center, includes live rock groups every evening besides Wednesday, a food selection of Mexican and American favorites plus a viewpoint of the Caribbean.

The holiday inside Cancun holidays: the best Spas

cancun holidays spa

In case you only want to de-stress – and you are ready to spend a few bucks – the spa at the J.W. Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa provides hydrotherapy, therapeutic massage and cosmetic and body therapies, plus a brand new gym, an interior pool, steam and sauna spaces and also a natural fruit juice bar. A scheduled visit is necessary;

Sports and recreation

Aquatic sports, obviously, are top rated Cancun’s set of recreational things to do. Fishing is fantastic; the wide Caribbean, Mujeres Bay, the channel amongst Cozumel and also the mainland, as well as the Nichupte Lagoon all of them are house to 500 species, which includes all sorts of game fish. Bonito, dorado and sailfish run from March into July; tuna from April through June. Barracuda, grouper, mackerel and red snapper is usually hooked all seasons.

Hotel Zone docking provide a variety of boats and modern devices. Bigger boats are 35-40 feet long. Four – and also eight – hour rental trips usually will include a captain, first mate, gear, bait and soft drinks. Additionally to the islands, fishing possibilities are all around the Caribbean shoreline and even farther south at La Ascencion and Espiritu Santo, 2 big bays on the coast of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve.

Shark fishing is great in Yalahau Lagoon, (amongst the mainland and Cape Catoche, at northeast of the Yucatan). Vessels may be hired in the harbour town of Chiquilq.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are likewise satisfying, especially at south of Cancun Island close to Punta Nizuc, off Cozumel and Isla Mujeres, as well as in Nichupte Lagoon. Dive stores alongside Kukulcan rent gear, offer training and program trips; several hotels may also organize dive trips. Verify experience, ships and devices, and when possible have the inside information from a diver no stranger to the location. The weather is best from May to August.

Other stuff consist of jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, boating and swimming . A good option regarding water ski is Nichupte Lagoon; ski clubs around Kukulcan around the lagoon area lease ships and accessories. Windsurfing activates their individuals over the water at thrilling speeds; the sailboard utilized by wind surfers includes a masted sail mounted on a board.

The swimming pools in the main resorts are wonderful constructed, with the additional benefit from the Caribbean as a background.

For landlubbers there exists golf within the Cancun Golf Club at Pok-Ta-Pok, a tournament 18-hole course created by Robert Trent Jones Jr. Situated on an isle amongst Laguna de Bojorquez and Laguna Nichupte (at Kukulcan at Km 7.5), it provides great sights of each lagoon and also the Caribbean.

Active Cancun holidays: Tours and things to do

cancun holidays tours attraction

Having a number of exceptional tours in Cancun, check out a tour with a guide, participate in an planned activity or delight in a day trip. Discover common sightseeing attractions and find out the secret sides of Mexico through tour hunts in the Riviera Maya and also the Yucatan Peninsula.
Do not neglect the opportunity to find out more about the tradition and lifestyle of Cancun and all the Riviera Maya.

Chichen Itza Tour

Breathtaking Chichen Itza keeps together enigmas and magic. Discover the most significant historical area and old capital of the Mayan Empire on a complete day tour from Cancun. Enjoy the stunning observatory, the holy cenote, the ball courtroom as well as the fortress.

Tulum and Xel-Ha
Uncover the mystical wonder of Tulum and also breathtaking, natural Xel-Ha aquarium. This enjoyable, all inclusive adventure from Cancun or Playa del Carmen offers you the possibility to experience the incredible Mexican panorama and natural marine life. This family friendly trip is certain to impress the complete family!

Xcaret Day Trip from Cancun
Check out an amazing eco-archaeological park, where you may spend a day in heaven relaxing and experiencing nature, scuba diving, activities, shows and a lot more! For over a century, that nature park and historical zone continues to be an essential ceremonial center and Mayan port. Xcaret is situated 34 miles (55 km) southern of Cancun, close to Playa del Carmen.

Captain Hook Cruise in Cancun
Be a pirate of the Caribbean with this entertaining journey in which you’ll turn back in time and live a pirate’s assault while cruising over the stunning waters of the Nichupte lagoon. At the same time have a pirate’s evening meal and the open bar! An exciting experience for everyone!

Cancun Dolphin Swim Adventure
Have you ever kissed a dolphin? This is the time to get near to one of several ocean’s most breathtaking animals. Be surprised at precisely how smart these creatures are. Loosen up whilst you’re taken on a belly-ride across the water by your unique pal and observe their fun tricks while they show off a number of amusing exercises!

Xplor Adventure Park

Spend a single day at Xplor Adventure Park – Mexico’s latest destination! You’ll be getting the opportunity to drive amphibious autos, go ziplining, and raft inside caves full of stalactites.

VIP Nightclub Tour in Cancun
Enjoy an evening in Cancun at a few of the town’s most fun nightclubs! This six hour club-browsing trip is full of excitement, dance and VIP service. Get pleasure from limitless drinks as you dance the night away, and pass the big entry lines at every club. This can be the the easy way to feel an evening out in Cancun.

Mexican Whale Shark Snorkel Journey
Take a snorkel with Mexico’s delicate titans – whale sharks! Traveling the Gulf of Mexico having an professional guide, you will snorkel the reef and perhaps see dolphins and flamingos within this small group scuba diving excursion from the Yucatan coast.