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Cancun airfare travel tips

Cancun airfare travel tips

Below are a few travel tips – tested and true – so you can get the cheapest possible airfare: Timing is important. When you can, stay away from peak travel times. In Mexico, the weeks around the Christmas/New Year holidays and Easter are extremely jampacked that people think it is unenjoyable to be at a […]

Get the Best Deal on Your Airfare to Cancun

Get the Best Deal on Your Airfare to Cancun

Competition between the main U.S. airlines is in contrast to another industry. A coach seat is almost similar from one carrier to another, however the big difference in price might run as high as $1,000. Business tourists, who require flexibility to buy their tickets at the last minute, modify their plans at a moments notice, […]

Cancun Vacations for Gay and Lesbians

Cancun Vacations for Gay and Lesbians

Cancun is more broad-minded about sexuality than you might expect. Gays and lesbians rarely attract open discrimination or violence. Discrimination based on sexual orientation has been illegal since ’99 and can be punished with up to 3 years in prison. Gay men have a more public profile than lesbians. Cancun has a fairly active gay […]

When to go to Cancun

When to go to Cancun

No matter what your plans are, you probably wouldn’t be coming to the Caribbean if you didn’t want good weather, and the likelihood of warm days and cloudless skies is one of the main considerations for most people. Many tourists are genuinely surprised to discover that Cancun has distinct seasons, including several months during which […]

How many days should I spend in Cancun?

How many days should I spend in Cancun?

Deciding to spend your holiday in Cancun is one thing, and planning your vacation is something else. The fact is, for most of the people a week is exactly what they want or need to relax and get a tan. For others, a week is barely enough time to settle into the rhythm of Cancun, […]

Tipping in Cancun

Tipping in Cancun

The tip, also known as “propina” is a standard part of the Mexican culture. Ten percent is standard at restaurants, though fifteen percent is more common in American-oriented areas like Cancun. All the time take a look at the bill first, before you pay. The service (servicio) is sometimes included mostly at more formal places […]

Cancun travel tips guide

That seven-shaped island located in southeastern Mexico is a go-to spot for beaches, golfing and nightlife. Cancun is also one of the most affordable holidays in the Western Hemisphere – you can pay less than $600 per person for an all-inclusive vacation along these white sands, even during the Spring Break season. Getting in Cancun […]

Things to avoid in Cancun

Cancun is one of the safest cities in Mexico, even safer than a lot of the cities from United States, Canada or United Kingdom. Nevertheless, like any tourist resort in the world there are a few people who will try to cheat you, but several bits of common sense may help you stay out of […]

How is the weather in Cancun in October?

Average high temperatures through October are a warm 87F with the average low temperature still a respectable 74F. In terms of average high and low temperatures things in October are not that different to September but where the difference comes is in the number of days where the temperature exceeds 90F. Weather Averages for Cancun […]

How is the weather in Cancun in September?

Cancun weather in September is that time of year when the hottest summer months are behind us and temperatures start to cool a little – just a little! It is still a very hot and humid climate with maximum temperatures in the low nineties and minimums at the mid 70 range. Weather Averages for Cancun […]

How is the weather in Cancun in August?

August is the hottest month of the year in Cancun. Cancun weather in August is extremely hot with 25 days of the 30 having temperatures in excess of 90F and every single day exceeding 80F. Mid nineties might not seem that hot on the face of it compared with certain parts of the US at […]

How is the weather in Cancun in July?

Cancun weather in July is hot. High temperatures are well over 90F on 24 of the 31 days in a typical month and of those remaining temperatures wont be far short of 90. While mid nineties might not sound that hot the incredibly high humidity means the ‘feel like temperature’ is another 20 degrees more. […]

How is the weather in Cancun in June?

Cancun weather in June is very nice indeed! You should expect high temperatures of over 90F and minimum temperatures in the mid 70’s. In June the temperature in Cancun will exceed 90F on more than half of the days in the month and every single day will be above 80 degrees. However, June is often […]

How is the weather in Cancun in May?

During a typical May in Cancun average daily temperatures are at 81F with 17 of the 31 days exceeding 90 degrees. Minimum daily temperatures run at around 77F which is obviously still very pleasant, albeit a little too hot for the evening and night time. Certainly, your hotel air-conditioning will prove a necessity at this […]

How is the weather in Cancun in April?

Cancun weather in April is getting very nice indeed and you will know summer is just around the corner. Average daily high temperatures are just under 85F, on 3 of April’s 30 days temperatures will rise above 90 in a typical month with every other day exceeding eighty degrees. Minimum daily temperatures in Cancun during […]

How is the weather in Cancun in March?

Cancun weather in March is the time of year that temperatures really start ramping up as we head towards summer. It’s also one of the driest months too so a fantastic time to visit Cancun when the weather is still cold at home. Average high temperature in Cancun during March is 86F, with the average […]

How is the weather in Cancun in February?

Cancun weather in February marks the time of year where temperatures start to rise after the very brief winter. Average high temperatures during February are a pleasant 82F degrees with average lows around 73F – with these low temperatures being experienced mostly around sunrise. Weather Averages for Cancun in February Temperature 23°C73°F Low Temperature 20°C68°F […]

How is the weather in Cancun in January?

Cancun weather in January, although the coldest month of the year in Cancun, is likely to be a lot warmer than home. While Canada and much of the US experience ice and snow and sub zero temperatures, Cancun enjoys an average high temperature of 83 degrees in January, with average low temperatures typically in the […]

How is the weather in Cancun in December?

If you travel to Cancun, and you expect that the official summer is over and you will not have any fun like in the summertime, you are wrong! The wonderful weather of Cancun allows beach activities all year round, and not only is very pleasant in December, but you can take advantage of all fourteen […]

How is the weather in Cancun in November?

One of the best months to travel to Mexico is November: The scenery is still green from the finishing rainy season and the temperatures are starting to turn a little bit cooler, which can produce crystal-clear skies. The number of tourists are also at a minimum, and you are going to find very good deals. […]

10 tips for family holidays in Cancun

10 tips for family holidays in Cancun

Cancun is one of the GREATEST family places for holidays! Don’t think is just a spring break destination for college-aged kids. Tourists of all ages abound and there’s something for everyone in the family in Cancun. We have here 10 tips for you: