Deciding to spend your holiday in Cancun is one thing, and planning your vacation is something else. The fact is, for most of the people a week is exactly what they want or need to relax and get a tan. For others, a week is barely enough time to settle into the rhythm of Cancun, and to see and experiment everything it has to offer.

Of course, the length of any trip is most often determined by different criteria, like how much you care to spend, how much time you have for a vacation, your kids etc.

5 to 7 days is a good place to start, and the length of time most people come.

It’s enough to see and do a little of everything: a couple of days of pure R&R on the beach or by the pool, a day or two for low-key outings like a beach day at Isla Mujeres or snorkeling on the Riviera Maya, and at least one somewhat more involved excursion, like visiting a Maya ruin, spending the day at an eco-park, or booking a deep-sea fishing trip. With this amount of time, you probably won’t switch hotels.

With 10 to 14 days, you can see much more of the region and are sure not to feel rushed.

You will also have time to switch hotels and explore different areas. You can dedicate plenty of time of doing not much of anything, whether on the beach or poolside. Take a few days for full-day excursions, like visiting other beaches, a snorkel trip on the reef, and checking out the eco-parks. After a week consider switching hotels – if you are in a resort, look for a smaller hotel to spend the balance of your time, if you are on the mainland, take a ferry to one of the islands for a few days.

You will also have time to consider renting a car and taking a multi-day trip inland, or up to Isla Holbox. At least three Maya ruins are within easy reach of Cancun, and with a car you’ll appreciate all the more being able to arrive early or stay late.

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