Cancun is one of the safest cities in Mexico, even safer than a lot of the cities from United States, Canada or United Kingdom.
Nevertheless, like any tourist resort in the world there are a few people who will try to cheat you, but several bits of common sense may help you stay out of trouble without your needing to know exactly what scams are practiced.

Avoiding scams in Cancun

1. Don’t answer simple questions from strangers about what hotel you are staying at or where you are from(these may give clues to scamming you);
2. Don’t carry unnecessary amounts of cash with you. A maximum of $100 should be enough;
3. Remember that astounding deals and amazing winnings can be a scam. If it is too good to be true, it probably is;
4. Don’t have your name printed on the outside of your bags. It will ease the way for strangers to talk to you, pretending they know you;
5. Alcohol and other drugs affect your judgement and should be indulged in only among people you have good reason to trust;
6. Always agree any prices before you accept any products or services and always have some proof of payment.
7. Taxis – Always agree a price with the taxi driver up front, never wait until you’ve arrived before asking the price. Make sure you are clear on whether it is in pesos or in dollars.
8. Bars – Always count your drinks and examine your bar tab carefully, you may find extra drinks you have not consumed added.
9. After you exit the Baggage Claim/Customs area, in the Cancun airport, you must walk through a room filled with people trying to convince you to go to a time-share presentation. Do NOT talk to them, unless you are willing to waste several hours of your valuable vacation time by attending a high-pressure, time-share sales presentation. Just keep walking until you are outside of the terminal.

This may give you the wrong impression about Cancun and that was not the intention. It truly is a safe and fun place but, like anywhere in the world you go, you must consider some common sense rules.

Cancun Safe Areas

1. The Hotel Zone

Travelers visiting Cancun usually stay in the area known as the Hotel Zone, which the safest place for visitors. This 14-mile stretch of land lies between downtown Cancun and the airport, and also between the Caribbean Sea and Laguna Nichupte. Kukulcan Boulevard, its main road, is lined with beautiful, luxurious resorts and many restaurants that cater to visitors.

2. Cancun Beaches

Beaches are generally safe areas in Cancun and very beautiful. The sand is powdery and sugar white, while the sea is an azure blue. Walking the sands and checking out the other hotels that line the beach is a safe activity. If there are no warning flags, it is also safe to play in the surf.

3. Isla Murales

Isla Murales is a small island about nine miles from Cancun which can be reached by public ferry. Visitors to this island can walk around its small town and maybe do a little shopping or enjoy one of Isla Murales’ beautiful beaches. It is one of Cancun’s safe areas in which to spend a relaxing day.

4. Shopping Malls

The nicer malls, such as La Isla shopping mall, are generally very safe for tourists. These malls have a lot of American brand-name restaurants and clothing stores as well as stores selling local crafts.

5. Safe Day Trips Around Cancun

Xel-Ha, Xcaret, Chichen Itza, and Tulum are all popular day trips from Cancun and are safe areas for travelers to visit. Xel-Ha and Xcaret are large tourist parks that offer activities such as snorkeling or a swim down an underground river, while Chichen Itza and Tulum are both important Mayan ruins.