Next to the national celebrations, every town around Cancun holds its own fiestas, often in the honor of its patron saint. Street parades of holy images, special costumes, fireworks, dancing, music and a lot of drinks are all part of the festivals. If you want to get to these amazing and colorful festivals, you should book your vacation to Cancun around the dates of the fiestas.

1. Dia de los Reyes Magos (Three King’s Day)

dia-regos-magosIn the first week of January, actually on the 6th of January.
This is the day when mexican kids receive gifts, rather then at Christmas. The best place to be at this time is Tizimin

2. The Carnaval

carnival meridaLate February or starting March.
This is celebrated most wildly in Merida, Cempeche, Chetumal and Ciudad de Cancun with parades, music, food, drink, dancing, fireworks and a lor of fun.

3. Vernal Equinox, Chichen Itza and Dzibilchaltun

On 20th and 21st of March.
At dusk on 21 March, days before the start of spring equinoxes, in the north stairway of the Castillo de Chichen Itza, a solar projection of a Serpent of LIGHT appears consisting of seven inverted triangles of light. It is is formed as a result of the shadow cast by the nine platforms of the pyramid, which get the sun.
chichen itza vernal
The phenomenon at Chichen Itza is seen in all its glory as the image of the serpent of light and dark triangles majestically appear down the stairs north of the Castle. First, the first shadows of the higher bodies of the pyramid begin to draw isosceles triangles that make up the body of the feathered serpent. Later, the shadow gradually moves towards snake-shaped head located at the bottom of stairs.

4. Semana Santa, The Holy Week

Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday.
Being a catholic town, Semana Santa is a seriously observed holiday and all of the churches will be celebrating in their own fashion. Semana Santa is Cancun’s second busiest time of the year, next to New Years Eve. Everything is open and so be on the lookout for deals where you can find them.

5. Feria de Santiago, Rio Lagartos

feria-de-santiagoSecond Saturday in July.
A real bullfight ring is erected in the middle of the Rio Lagartos town during the week event, and every afternoon anyone who wishes is able to enter it and play matador with a young bull. The animal is not killed or injured, just made angry at times.

6. Festival de Nuestra Senora del Carmen

Ciudad del Carmen, July 16
This festival lasts 2 weeks and includes music, traditional dances and parades.

7. Feria de San Roman

September 14, Campeche
A festival with fireworks, bullfights and processions.

8. Festival Cervantino Barroco

San Cristobal de las Casas, late October to early November.
This festival puts on a great art and culture fair, with music, dance, theater and more.

9. Toh Festival de Aves de Yucatan (Birds festival)

Last week of November, Merida
The festival is just a part of the local birding activities taking place in Yucatan, which include workshops for children, marathons for adults, bird song recording for guides.

10. Dia de Nuestra Senora de Guadelupe

December 12, Campeche
A week or more of celebrations throughout Mexico leads up to the day in honor of the virgin who appeared to an indigenous Mexican, Juan Diego in 1531, and has since become Mexico’s religious patron. Children are taken to church dressed as little Juan Diegos or indigenous girls.